Lockdown Shizzle

I have just had my 14th wedding couple contact me re postponing their big day. The medieval fayre i was meant to take part in has also cancelled and the English lavender i grew for that fair is sat staring at me with trepidation.

I lived in denial at first, i carried on selling my plants at a rate i couldnt keep up with! and because the allotments were still places of refuge, i carried on seeding, planting and digging for victory!

I couldnt get enough of the place, it felt like i was in a bubble. I switched the news off and decided to just create my own safe place.

We were very blessed with beautiful weather! Perfect for germinating seeds and as the days got lighter so did our day in the poly tunnel.

I have never grown plants on this scale before. My dream is to have my allotment full to the brim with blooms, foliage and herbs fit for beautiful arrangements. The reality is very different!

Hats off to flower farmers. It takes absolute dedication and discipline. On my low days i didnt want to move from the garden. I was happy sitting in the sun with my daughter listening to her spotify and dreaming of better days to come.

I made some big fuck ups. I put trays of seeds in the poly tunnel with additional plastic lids on and killed everything in the soil! it must have been 98 degrees in there! The rats got hold of all of my sunflower seeds, they left me with 1 Russian Giant.... I decided to plant veg for me and the fam, so lost a lot of space for annuals. Not that it matters too much as there is not a wedding in site!

Talking of weddings... well i have no clue when they are going to take place. I have lots of dates now taken in 2021 and people all seem to want the same date! I have people who have moved their date already and now it looks like a 2nd date will need to be sorted and yet alot of dates have been taken!!

It was meant to be my year. It was meant to be packed of sumptuous weddings, filled with seasonal flowers. It was meant to be packed with fayres, fetes and festivals where i could sell my Sussex grown plants! We are now nearly in July and still nothing. I have had my normal amount of bouquets and funerals, im ticking by with some plant sales, although thats slowed a bit due to the big garden centres re opening.Its a real toughie. Its a real kick in the teeth for Kate The Natural florist.

Now im not a negative Nelly! Anyone that knows me knows i see the world with positive eyes. This has been a big test for me! But on a positive note... I have met some fabulous people delivering my plants to Bexhill and surrounding areas. Every customer has been so lovely, i mean that! Thank you

I have looked into the history of herbs, native English Flowers and Flower names. I have had a go at growing plants and succeeded and also failed, but thats ok! I will know for next time ;O)

Life is a funny old thing. We just dont know from one day to the next how it can change and what control we really have. People who seem close are not and the ones you didnt say hello to have come up trumps! Its a beautiful thing life. You really do have to make lemonade out of lemons.

I wish you all well. I do hope your health in all areas is well and you have grown in an area you didnt know existed.

lots of love Kate xxx

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