Samhain..Feast of the dead..All Hallows Eve..Halloween

This has got to be my absolute favorite time of the year! Being a witch i love nothing more than foraging for gems in the woods and hedgerows to salute our traditional new year!

I love making a feast, decorating the house and enjoying some cider around our campfire.

Traditionally it is a Celtic festival, that was carried on by the Pagans. It is probably the biggest event of the witches calendar! And a time to remember our loved ones who have passed. It is a time when the veil between our world and spirit world is lifted and communication between us and spirit is much easier.

Samhain means "the end of the summer" and its a time to celebrate and embrace the winter months ahead of us. Many Celts and Pagans alike would leave offerings on their doorsteps for wandering souls, this is still carried out in many countries today! A candle would be placed in the window to help souls find their way home, turnips would be hollowed out to scare off evil spirits, the pumpkin was an American tradition that caught on over here much later.

In my house, i am the big kid! I love carving pumpkins and lighting them up for all to see, the more the merrier! I light candles in the windows and bring in greenery from the woodland. I make a delicious feast and we light a big campfire, toast marshmallows and drink home made beers and cider from the summers yield.

I always take time to remember my loved ones and friends and people i have known who have passed. We keep a candle lit in their honor and i always feel their presence. Its a time for us to reflect on the past year, to write down what we want to let go of and what we want to bring into our lives for the following year. We burn the paper on the fire and send it up to the universe.

It always feels like a new start. A time to right any wrongs or make new positive changes for me and us as a family. Its tradition and old and a part of life that resonates with me so strongly. I embrace the changes and build on the parts that are working and here to stay!

So this year alot has changed. But my house, my campfire, my heart will always continue the traditions, no matter what anyone throws at us. No one can take that magic away. It is firmly here to stay.

Blessed Be

Kate xx

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