Weeping for the Willow

So i woke up this morning to what sounded like a world war outside! I stumbled to the window and saw the tree surgeons had arrived to cut down the mighty willow in next doors garden!

I had conflicting thoughts over this idea... i actually love the wildlife it gives us and to hear the owl at night twit twooing is so amazingly soothing. The wood pigeons fight or shag on the branches and it gives us coolness on hot summer days. On the other hand our garden and house was so dark, the pigeons shit all over my garden furniture and it makes one hell of a mess when shedding its leaves!

So i grab a coffee and sit in my summer house, debating if i should ask for the long branches i use for my seasonal wreaths! I am still in my nighty and not really fit for human consumption! So decide to chuck some jogging bottoms on and head out to ask.

I now have a tonne of willow branches sat on my drive way! I am absolutely over the moon and excited to get making my wreath bases! The guvnor was a really nice man, who told me to follow their van as they have holly, fir and pine cones on a regular basis and this would be perfect for my business! Eco friendly, recycling and foraging at its best!

I sit at my computer now and am staring at a large gnarly trunk, silhouetted against the grey sky. I can almost feel its pain as its limbs look awkward and sore. A lonely pigeon has taken up a branch, probably wondering where his shelter has gone.

Its a bit like a savage hair cut, the shock kicks in then we think "oh it will grow back" But its never quite the same again!

Well thank you Mr willow. you have given me lots of wonderful things and i am truly grateful. I look forward for the day you can stand proud again xx

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